Trials and Tribulations, Part One(?)

I had my first paying “gig” this weekend. My neighbors’ daughter was being Christened and they asked me to take some photographs of the family before they went down to the church. I was more than happy to give it a go! My first shot (no pun intended) at freelance! I had a lot of fun using the mirror in the baby’s room, and enjoyed capturing little moments of interaction between baby and unknown relatives. Everything was going pretty smoothly until we went outside. It was a sunny day, around 50 degrees at least, and I took pictures of baby and godparents, baby and grandparents,  etc. With each photo I took, I noticed a slight glow becoming a full out cloud smothering people. I didn’t know what it was, and I couldn’t seem to make it go away. Not wanting to look like I had no clue what I was doing, I pushed forward. I later realized that there was some condensation between my lens and a UV filter I had placed on the end. It was too late, of course. Damage done, and all that.

What did I learn? Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, of course, but don’t make them at the cost of a “client”. If you don’t understand why your camera is being a pain, it’s better to just ask for a few minutes to try and resolve the issue than to press through. I only hurt myself, and although my neighbors didn’t mind, I feel I let them down because I was trying to play it cool. Then again, it made for some wacky special effect. Their daughter looked like an angel (or for you “Twilight” nuts, a vampire), glowing in the sun, from the arms of her parents. The dress drew out this awesome halo around her body. Mistakes don’t always hurt you.


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