A Girl’s Best Friend

Can you blame a girl? This is one of my favorite photos from one of my favorite games. As Mets fans, my family has endured countless seasons of heartbreak. The year we “Shea’d Goodbye” was no different. Despite it being Thursday, we made time to enjoy one last game in the stadium that held so many memories, both good and bad.

After taking the usual pictures of the field, the players, the scoreboard, the Home-run Apple, and any other features I wanted to preserve, I turned to my sister. In the reflection of her ridiculously large sunglasses was just the picture I wanted. In it, I see not only the field that was as familiar to us as our neighborhood block, but the love and remorse we felt to watch her go. She held us season after season, braving the joys of victory and the agonies of defeat. She waited with us for “Next Year”, 24 years late. A vision of the endless hope that somehow brings this brand of baseball fanatics out every March and tucks them in every October. Ya Gotta Believe.


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