Patience Pays Off

In order to really appreciate this story, I must tell you another one. Let me take you back about twelve years ago. I was about to be Confirmed into the Roman Catholic church. Part of the journey took my entire class on a “retreat”. One of the exercises we did involved candles, where lighting them showed how God was in our lives, and when blowing them out, we said how we could better ourselves to be closer to God. Not knowing what else to say, I fell back on “I will be nicer to my younger siblings,” and blew out the candle, no issue. With one person between us, my friend looked at her candle and stated, “I would like to be more patient,” went to blow out her candle, and couldn’t. I’m going to be nice and say she tried it about four times before I leaned over the person between us and blew out the candle for her. The retreat leader said to me, “Maybe you should have asked for more patience as well.” I replied, “No, I’m good, thanks.”

I don’t think my lack of patience was ever more obvious to me than when trying to take this picture. It is vital to be patient with every shot you take. Don’t feel pushed about by people or nature. Stand your ground. This particular shot was in the Catskills next to the Ashokan Reservoir. The leaf was not mid-fall, but actually spinning. A single thread of spider web had caught and held onto this leaf, as if the tree was saying, “I’m not ready for winter! Come back!” The wind wasn’t exactly gale force, but it was enough to keep this leaf from staying still at all. Luckily it was my day off, so with no reason to rush back to campus, I took my time, ten whole minutes, in capturing this moment. I really enjoy the colors, the illusion to the leaf actually falling. I also enjoy how patient I proved myself to be.


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