Spring Inklings

With all the wonderful weather happening after our Spring storm this weekend, I couldn’t help but run outdoors with my camera. The crocuses were blooming despite the large patches of brown grass.  I took the opportunity to capture a few pictures of the flower from my childhood. Every year, the crocuses would bloom in the middle of the lawn beneath the trees. Every year my Mom would dig them up and re-plant them in the flower bed next to the house. Mother Nature would play her game, chuckling all the while as my Mom did her best to imitate what had already been taken care of.

I thought I would include my favorites for the days, try posting more than one photo. Let’s see how it turns out!


3 thoughts on “Spring Inklings

  1. ps – “Spring Inklings” should really be merged (a la Bennifer and Brangelina) to “Sprinklings”

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