Spring Training

With work about to begin and the great weather beckoning, it seemed as good a few days as any to take advantage of my free time. After taking pictures of the first flowers of the season, I thought it appropriate to take pictures of the first game of the season. My brother’s baseball game, that is. It was a practice game against a neighboring town, and allowed me to stretch my personal boundaries with moving around the field.

As a Softball player, I know the difference between foul territory and where the dead zone of the field begins. For this reason, my first group of pictures were taken from behind fences standing on the bleachers. Being 5’6″ doesn’t exactly help me clear most fences, and borrowing my mom’s clogs (equipped with 3″ extra) didn’t seem to give me the leap I needed. The black lines criss crossing over every picture was more than annoying. I needed to DO something. Finally, I just asked the coach if I could come over and squat behind the fence with him. He was completely fine with the idea as long as I didn’t stretch too far around the fence. On top of that, I had found another opening by the home team’s dugout right on the line with a great view of home plate for any righty batters. Since it wasn’t a real game, there were no Umpires, making both teams more lax. If it had been a professional game, I would have asked permission from the coaches and the Umpires before the game began. Or worn 5″ shoes. I’m sure my sister still has her platform sneakers somewhere…


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