A Beast of a Musical

Beauty and the Beast, High School, MusicalMy brother (Gaston) and his high school performed Beauty and the Beast this month. I don’t know who loved it more: the children, the cast, or myself. What better way to tell girls, “Not only is it ok to learn, but you’re going to find the man of your dreams because of it. Sure, he’ll be really hairy and grumpy, but you can help change all that.” Personally, it was my favorite Disney flick growing up (right next to The Little Mermaid). It gave me a chance to test out my Sigma f-2.8 70-200mm during a flash-less production.

Rather than ruin someone else’s experience, I shot during the Dress Rehearsal. I also shot on the Saturday I went from my seat so I wouldn’t disturb anyone. It was interesting to see the difference in the costumes, the last minute tweaking of make-up, and listen to my brother ad-lib his way through his last performance at that school. With a carefully placed “That’s what she said” and being tossed off stage to “This play is supposed to be about meeee!”, Gaston stole the show.

One thing I did get to see was the difference a spotlight can make. Although it helps to light the characters, all of them seemed to have this blue haze about them, and the characters outside the glow weren’t as crisp. I preferred the warmth of a spotlight-less stage than one with. Then again, I knew I would get the shot I needed without noise to interfere if a spotlight was present. Nothing a little photo editing can’t cure.

Either way, enjoy 🙂


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