Brush With Fame

There are bound to be more posts like this. I’m currently employed at Borders©, and we recently had a book signing with Jay Mohr. His new book is titled No Wonder My Parents Drank, which deals with his journey through parenthood up to now. It should make for a nice Fathers’ Day present (f.y.i. if you’re stumped on what to get Dad this year). If you’re wondering, “Why does that guy look so familiar, and why can’t I place him?” this is the link to his blog. There’s a video of him on Rachel Ray’s show doing some of his impressions. Definitely worth a view:

After the signing, he talked with the staff for a bit. “You ever date a white guy?”, Law and Order, and his teacup Yorkie were the topics of discussion. He also told us his son’s latest nugget of knowledge. I hope I remember it correctly: Jackson, now seven, told his father about a friend at school named James. James told Jackson about how his house was under water one day, so James couldn’t go to school. Jay tried to explain to him that it isn’t possible, since James lived on Mulholland Drive, and that if that street was underwater so was the rest of L.A. “But James said it was under water!” If you’ve ever tried to reason with a seven year old, don’t. It definitely stressed out Jay, but made us all laugh.

Issues that may come up when photographing events like this: Not all authors/actors/singers want their pictures taken. It’s always best to ask in advance, and definitely again when you get there. I brought my camera figuring everything would be fine, but found out that the photographer who usually covers the events was told that Jay Mohr would only do photographs in the beginning of the signing, and since Long Island traffic is what it is, Jay was late and less likely to take photos. I definitely lucked out, and Jay was a good sport. Knowing my photographing may not be welcome was also slightly uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure if I should take photos with the flash on, so for many of the pictures I was cranking up the ISO  and trying to keep the shutter speed just above “super blurry” status. So it all comes down to knowing what the situation is going to be like before you get there, and preparing for anything. Boy Scout and Girl Scout motto: Be prepared, and sell cookies.


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