The Lure of the Lupines

Our journey began like any other. We had a destination in mind, and along the way we found a few surprises. Like that I have the ability to make it rain whether I vacation in Florida or New Hampshire. I know I was impressed. The Lupine Festival was our destination. The festival takes place in Sugar Hill, NH and some of the neighboring towns. Lupines (loo-pins) are tall, stalk like plants that grow up to three feet, and come in a wide array of colors. They can be found throughout North America and Europe. If given the opportunity, they can take over an entire field. The festival was first held in 1993, with the general goal to be sharing these beautiful flower filled fields with visitors. It takes place between the middle of May and the middle of June.

Part of the Festival is a photo contest, and although I’m not entering, I am curious to know which, if any, of my lupines photos you like the best. Let me know by leaving a comment! And please tell me why you like it.

Seeing as this was my first time in the White Mountains, I was allowed to play tourist! That meant stopping at a few places along the way, including the Flume Gorge, the Basin, and the White Mountains themselves. It was a lot of fun testing out what I had just read in a photography magazine. In it, there was a photo of lightning streaking all over the sky, and the settings by which the photographer had captured the moment. I always assumed it took some special equipment to make it happen, but it turns out all you need is a slow shutter speed. Why not try it out in other places? With this information, falling water turned into water falls. I slowed down my shutter speed to 1/6 and watched the magic happen, with ISO at 100 and my f-stop as big as I wanted it to be. At this slow a speed, it’s important to keep your camera stable, either with a tri-pod or whatever may be around to lean on: your own knee, wooden railing, and I’ve found that holding the camera at your side with the neck strap taut can be pretty steady.


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