Why Walk When You Can Moomba?


“You’re shooting vertical again.”

“Aw man, you’re right.” Click!

Having to remember to shoot only horizontal pictures all summer long was challenging. Now it’s so hardwired in me that when I go out with my camera, I have to force myself to shoot vertically. I’ve heard from fellow web photojournalists that this too shall pass. Regardless, I needed to find a way to shoot vertically without shooting vertically. Not all pictures were compatible with the “horizontal only” rule. And so, I turned my camera for moments like the one above. For a strictly horizontal shot, I would have to back up which means losing out on the details like faces. Shooting on an angle gave Explo’s website what it needed format wise and gave me the composition I wanted.

Placing your camera on an angle does have its high points and low points. Yes, it looks cool, but not if you do it all the time. There are more innovative ways to capture the big picture (see Moomba All the Way). Tilting you camera over and over again doesn’t exactly scream “creative mind”. It could very well scream “unsteady hand”. Then again, it’s about using the space around your subject more fully and putting yourself where the background and foreground will be the most interesting. When shooting photos on the same horizontal plane all summer long, this is critical.

Enjoy! 🙂



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