So Happy Together

This is the first of three weddings I’ll be attending over the next couple of months, and the first one I have ever photographed! I was very excited to hear my best friend’s brother was getting married. Immediately I began to think about the many different ways to pack my camera in whatever bag went with my dress. It didn’t work. The camera was much larger, and my mother would have killed me if she knew I had taken my trusty bright orange camera backpack. I therefore opted to carry my camera as it was and pack my larger lens in its own bag, which was black and matched my outfit. Ta da!

Being as I had never been to a Roman Catholic mass before, it was going to be slightly challenging to know what to expect. Yes, I have seen them in movies and on television, but usually something unexpected happens in the middle of the ceremony or festivities that turns it either into a romantic comedy or a horror film (for example In and Out or Days of Our Lives). I had been informed by my friend that it would be a wedding with a mass, so all I really knew for certain was that communion would occur and two people would be wed. For me, it was definitely a “take things as they come” occasion.

I spent the majority of the mass on my feet, looking for the best angles and spaces to shoot from. I spoke with the assistant photographer on more than one occasion. He gave me advice on lighting and stabilizing myself. At first, my white balance was set to “Automatic”. Everything came out very warm in color. “Shoot in Tungsten, or Incandescent,” he said. From that point on, the colors in the church came out more naturally. He also reminded me to use the space around me to help stabilize myself. Leaning on pillars, walls, and even the pews helped to ease my shaking hands.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Please leave comments!


4 thoughts on “So Happy Together

  1. Jen – This is adorable and the pics are wonderful! Love the captions! This was so sweet of you! Thanks for coming and celebrating with us. Hope you took a break from your work to have some fun! 🙂
    Ker and Col

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