Gates of Hell-o-Ween and Back

Halloween means candy, costumes, and Ultimate here in the Long Island/New York area. Based in Astoria, the Hellgate Ultimate team hosts their annual Hell-O-Ween Tournament on Randall’s Island. It is a costume tournament, though most do not wear their costumes while they play (I can’t imagine why). Our team, the Super Cocks (as in Fighting Roosters), chose a Pixar related theme for our costumes and I don’t think they turned out half bad. For more on all things Ultimate and the Hellgate Tournament, check out High Release Handler’s blog!

If you didn’t notice, this weekend turned out gorgeous! So gorgeous, in fact, that I kept my ISO at 100 and still could shoot at 1/2000 s and f/2.8 or smaller. Lots of sun, minimal clouds, and only some wind. The problem you run into with “lots of sun” is lots of blown out photos. I made a critical mistake photographing from the opposite side of the sun. With the players between me and the biggest light source I had, I was focusing on the shadowy side of people’s bodies. This would leave half of the person so bright you barely registered their facial features, especially if they were light skinned. Sadly, the reason I couldn’t really move from that side of the field was because I was playing. More on that in the next paragraph.

Shooting sports when you’re playing is tricky. There’s the fear of leaving your camera in the wrong hands with someone who’s only handled a point and shoot or a CVS-brand 35 mm disposable film camera all their lives. Best thing to do when you’re on a sports team is to find the other camera nuts. There are a few people on my team who know what to do and others I have taken the moment to show before running onto the field. Second option is to put it underneath your sweatshirt in the hopes of it not being trampled. Scope out a space a few feet from the line (6-10 ft.) and deposit. Third option is to take your camera apart and place it back in your bag and take it out again every time you take a point. I usually go with one and two. Three is kind of a hassle.


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