All The Single Ladies

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman about to unite with a single man in holy matrimony will be thrown a bachelorette party by her friends. At the end of October, such an occasion arose. Before my friend tied the knot, a party bus full of her friends dragged her to a few wineries for a day. Our stops included Duckwalk, Macari, and Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard. I debated about whether or not to bring my camera with me. I figured a bus full of girls + lots of wine + bumps in the road = wet camera, and everyone knows wet cameras don’t work very well. Nevertheless, I would have never forgiven myself if I had left it behind for two reasons:

  1. It’s my friend’s bachelorette party!
  2. It was my first bachelorette party.

So with camera in hand, we made our way out to the east end of Long Island.

Being that this was more of a social event, I only packed my 18-55 mm f/3-5.6 Nikon lens. I was sure to grab group photos wherever we landed, especially since the rows upon rows of grapes made for a nice background at both Duckwalk and Macari. The nicest shots of the day had to be at Baiting Hollow Farm Winery.

Upon entering the driveway for Baiting Hollow, its apparent that this winery is unlike the others on the block. Tastings took place both inside the house and in the backyard. Songs played by live musicians were accompanied by the dozens of patrons scattered throughout the backyard. At the back gate, our group was taken on a tour of the horse sanctuary. While attending the tour, I pulled out my camera and thanked myself for not leaving it behind. The horses in the sanctuary, save for two babies, are all rescue horses adopted by the family starting with the first three back in 2007. If you feel as strongly as the Rubins, check out this website to sign the petition to stop horses from being sent to slaughter houses in Canada and Mexico.


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