The Hat’s Where It’s At

With the fall season coming to a close, ULTiNY held a final tournament on Randall’s Island this past weekend. It was a Hat tournament for all of those who had signed up for the season to come and play on Saturdays and was even open to those who hadn’t for $15. With enough people for four teams plus subs and great though cool weather, it proved to be worth my while. Three of the teams were comprised of the weekend league while the fourth team was from Hunter College. They had just started to develop their Ultimate team and played in the Hat tournament as one team to help develop their skills in real game situations. For more details on this Hat Tournament and all things Ultimate, check out High Release Handler’s Blog!

The Hat tournament was challenging for me in a number of ways. I had a chance to play with and against people who weren’t on my normal team which forced me to push my level of play. It also turned into a day where one moment it would be sunny and bright and the next it would be cloudy and dull. I kept having to switch my ISO up and down in order to maintain the f/stop I preferred and a shutter speed quick enough to eliminate blur and slow enough to prevent overexposure.

The next Ultimate tournament I’ll be playing in will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It’s called the First Night of Flight, and is an indoor tournament that takes place at the beginning of January. The reason I bring it up now is because I need to purchase a flash. I’ve been looking at the Nikon brand ones, having been burned by third party camera equipment for batteries. The two that I’m most interested in are the Nikon Sb-600 and the Nikon SB-700. The SB-700 (2010) is basically the replacement model of the SB-600 (2004). Some of the differences are in favor of the SB-700:

  • When photographing with multiple lights, the SB-700 can act as the master flash while the SB-600 can only be a slave light
  • SB-700 comes with two color correcting filters
  • SB-700 can rotate almost 360 degrees
  • Flash reaches farther (120 mm versus 85 mm)

There are, however, some great selling points for the SB-600:

  • It’s about $100 cheaper: while the Sb-600 can be found for $220, the SB-700 is around $330
  • It’s smaller and lighter, which is perfect for me since I have little arm strength left to give while playing Ultimate
  • Works with film and digital cameras, compensating for either or

It’s down to these two! If you have any advice, I’d love it. I know people who have the SB-600 and are more than content, but then again the SB-700 is new. For more on these two flashes and also the SB-900 (which I currently can’t afford), check out this website!


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