The Second Time Around

After ordering the wrong lens (see Live and Learn, and Then Write a Post About It), I finally mustered up the courage (and the cash) to order the right lens. Say hello to the Nikkor f/1.4 50mm AF-S! If I ever take to naming my lenses, I might have to name this one Mort, but I’ll save that for another post. Let me take you back to last Tuesday night when UPS finally arrived at my door.

Inside of the plain shipping box was a smaller Nikon branded box that was almost twice the size of the one that the AF lens came in. I thought that was a bit unusual as I had seen comparison photos of this lens next to its counterpart. If I had read about the bonus items this AF-S lens comes with, I’d have understood the size difference immediately. The AF-S lens comes with a plastic hood and a cloth bag, both of which are quite useful. I’ve tried the old “block sun glare with your hand” method and found I end up inadvertently photographing my fingers or the palm of my hand. Currently the only storage space I have for my camera and additions is a backpack I had bought for it a few years ago. The backpack made sense for my initial start-up kit of Nikon d60 and two lenses. Now with the camera and four lenses, the space isn’t as useful as it once was. That and a monopod will be my next purchases, so stay tuned!

I’ll be honest: initially, I really liked the look of the Nikkor f/1.4 50mm AF. Call me old fashioned but it looked… old fashioned. And I liked it. The new one looks like the other Nikkor lenses I own, which is nice because it’s a matching set but my “matching set” is made mostly out of plastic, which isn’t as durable as metal. I can be a bit of a klutz at times making this a factor to me. Then I took off the lens cover. If there was a visual for “new car smell”, that would be this lens. I didn’t feel so sad anymore as it practically winked and said, “We’re going to have a lot of fun, you and I.”

I have attached a bunch of photos from around my apartment to give you an idea of the depth of field. If you’d like a more thorough read-up about my new lens, check out this website. As always, enjoy!


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