St. Anthony’s Indoor Ultimate

In anticipation of next week’s Huck All Night tournament, I made the effort to go play some indoor Ultimate last week with Huntington Ultimate Club at St. Anthony’s High School. The entrance fee was $20, which is a little steep but worth it in the end. I got to play with a new set of people that were really fun and very talented. I also realized I have lost any and all stamina I may have salvaged through the first part of the winter, so the tournament will be interesting.

Photographing these indoor games was MUCH easier than photographing First Night of Flight. If you recall, FNOF was also indoor but their facilities were poorly lit and the inside of the dome was black so none of the light reflected back into the space. The walls inside of St. Anthony’s High School’s indoor track and turf field were white which meant that the light source available was made all the more powerful. I kept my shutter speed at 1/160s and my f/stop at 2.8, making for a very well lit, very un-blurry night. Even at ISO 400, there was very little “noise” to be seen.

For more on all things Ultimate, check out High Release Handler’s blog! As always, enjoy!


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