Distracted By Shiny Objects

When I was younger,  my mom used to go to other people’s houses for “Tupperware Parties”. I remembered thinking, “That doesn’t sound like much fun at all. Who wants to play with plastic containers?” After this weekend, I have a better view of what happens at these types of parties. I attended my first “Jewelry Party” this weekend. Rather than take this as a sign of becoming an adult, I’m taking this as a sign of reverting to the stage of my life where I’d get together with my friends and play dress up. Yes, I did that as a child.

The party was held at my friend Lynne’s place, and the jewelry consultant, Brooke Young, was from Premier Designs. Their high-end costume jewelry is sold primarily through home shows,  and interestingly enough the company was started to help finance ministries around the world. I tried to find an online catalog to give you all a better idea of the spread they offer, but the company’s philosophy is “people are our most important asset“. Rather than putting their jewelry consultants out of business by putting their products on the internet, they’re supporting the small, local business mentality by keeping it in the hands of people like you and me. In my mind, with the economy the way it is, that’s kudos. You’re just going to have to settle for the photos I’ve taken.

The only issue I really had with photographing in this particular instance was the lighting, which was my fault really. I have a flash, I just never use it as I don’t always like how harsh it makes the lighting in an area. I have found a solution to this problem. What Lynne, a fellow photographer, has is an awesome gadget to take the dinky flash on top of your camera and diffuse it with the use of a tiny mirror. The product is called a Lights Tipper, and so far I’ve found it online for as little as $8. The only complaint Lynne has is it can only really be used in smaller spaces or close to a wall so that the light can go from your flash to the mirror to the wall behind you and back out onto the subject. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to diffuse the light from the flash you already have on the top of your camera, look no further.

I didn’t get to stay too long at the jewelry party, but right before I left I was waylaid just a little longer for a game (I like games) called the Bling game. Brooke read a story and we passed around a jewelry box like a hot potato every time the word “bling” was read. The winner, Lynne, walked away with a very nice bracelet. So now I know how Tupperware parties, jewelry parties, and Pampered Chef parties are made into “parties”, answering the question that’s been plaguing me all these years.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I want to throw a jewelry party!” or even, “I know someone who’d like to get involved,” feel free to contact Brooke: 516.375.8884 or via e-mail at BMichele23@aol.com, and let her know that you learned about it through my blog. Personally, I’ve already mentioned it to my sister since she’s getting married next year and it would be an affordable way to have the bride’s maids wear matching jewelry.


UPDATE: I never had the opportunity to mention this earlier, but I received my starfish necklace, much to my delight, a few weeks after the order was placed. I word it a fair amount, cycling it through with two other necklaces. In July, I wore it to a family gathering to celebrate my sister’s engagement. At the end of the day, my boyfriend pointed out that there was a green line around my neck. It was where the necklace had been sitting. I’m going to contact the company and see if there’s something I can do, as I didn’t own the necklace for half a year before the issue arose. Keep you posted!

UPDATE: Alright, I first called the company that makes the jewelry. They said it may be a reaction with my skin due to any medications I may be taking (none), and advise I contact Brooke to get it replaced or trade it in for something new. I explained to Brooke what had occurred and she said it may have been any kind of hair product or perfume (hair spray had been applied that day), and that she could have it replaced for $5 if I sent her back the necklace. Not a bad deal!


2 thoughts on “Distracted By Shiny Objects

    1. Thanks! Those are actually my favorite pictures. You get a great variety of jewelry with that bracelets picture, and the portraits have a lot of personality in them. Lynne, your daughters are wonderful, even the one I didn’t meet!

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