No Rest for the Ultimate

My thirst for overnight Ultimate after First Nights of Flight had yet to be quenched. Fortunately, between January and March there are a few other overnight tournaments held on the East Coast: Cure for Insomnia, Nocturnal Decisions hosted by WUDI, and Huck All Night to name a few. I hadn’t recovered enough to contemplate Cure for Insomnia or Nocturnal Decisions, but Huck All Night was in March. Two months is more than enough time to forget any aches and pains that come from going to work all day and playing disc all night in a neighboring state.

One “ache” in particular was the realization that once again, an indoor tournament was going to offer little light. Yes, it was more light than I had at FNOF, and the solid white walls helped to bounce much of that fluorescent light around that I needed so badly. All I can say is I cannot wait to photograph outdoors again. My ISO was at 800 all night, so the photographs are noisy but more clear and bright than they had been at FNOF. While at FNOF I had to shoot in RAW to guarantee some semblance of information to work with, at Huck All Night I could get away with shooting JPEG all night and just brightening up the shots.

I did like about shooting at this venue for the awesome, unintentional vignetting that occurred in a few photos. The few lights hanging from the ceiling did an adequate job lighting everything in the place except the corners. The light would almost come to a halt in some instances, which helped to create a dark background while the players in the foreground were better lit. This helped to reinforce the focus of the photographed individuals.

Overall, I had a great time at this hat tournament. My team mates were a great group of people, as were the other players we went up against. I can’t wait to do it all over again next year! Until then, enjoy the pictures!

If you’re interested in reading more about this tournament in particular and all things Ultimate in general, check out Huck All Night’s blog and High Release Handler’s blog!

If you attended the tournament and are looking for a picture that may have been taken of you, check back soon! I’ll be posting photos on Flickr


8 thoughts on “No Rest for the Ultimate

  1. Thanks Jen! I “thought” I approved the comment via my phone….I have it on the Huck All Night blog now approved and posted….my bad.

    Great shots, and thanks again for shooting and sharing the pics, looking foward to the Flickr link.


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