On the Island – Week 4

Week 2 had more rain than healthy for my camera, and Week 3 was Easter, but today I bring you the long-awaited “Week 4” photos from the UltiNY Spring Club League! I didn’t have as many photographs during this week as I would have liked. I found that photographing while playing was difficult. If there aren’t enough subs, I tend to be on the field a lot, which is fine by me as I did pay to play. I find it is one of the hardest things about being a photographer for me: being outside of the fun. It’s obvious that you’re not a part of the festivities for certain things (i.e. if you’re hired to photograph a wedding, you don’t do the YMCA), but in a situation like this, the real question is how do you create the equilibrium?

I’ve decided I need to work out a system for myself, so the next few weeks will be all about balancing the need to be a member of the team and a need to chronicle the league. Our team has been trying a new method where one person is in charge of telling every player when to come on and off the field, usually for two or more points. If I sub out for two points, I will photograph during the first point. During the second point, I’ll cheer on my team. I’ll let you know how it goes in my next post!

For more on all things Ultimate, check out HighReleaseHandler’s blog!


4 thoughts on “On the Island – Week 4

    1. TOTALLY agree! I figured the post is about how I’m working on things, therefore the photo should reflect someone else working on something. You’re working on doing push-ups for two, haha!

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