HUSLin’ for First

I finally got my wish. I photographed Ultimate without playing on a team! The Huntington Ultimate Summer League began in the middle of June and wrapped up its season at the beginning of August. The games took place on the fields at Huntington High School on a bi-weekly basis (Sunday afternoon and Thursday night). I went to the fields on two different days: a regular Sunday, and Finals.

Photographing Ultimate when you’re not actually playing in the game gave me a sense of peace. I could photograph as much as I wanted to wherever I wanted to. I didn’t limit myself to one field, but wandered amongst the 5 games that were taking place. Another sigh of relief came from not having to hand my camera off to someone. It’s not that I don’t trust people with my camera, but if they’re playing too it’s likely to be placed somewhere it should or handed to someone who really doesn’t know how to work it. Yes, it’s insured (thank you, Allstate), but I only have one camera body and not a lot of money so it doesn’t make me feel 100% better. It’s like handing someone the keys to your car even though they may only have their learner’s permit. It’s not that they will drive it into a wall, it’s just the possibility is greater.

The only downside to not playing and only photographing is, well, not playing! That’s all for now. Enjoy the pictures! 🙂


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