Zodiac Tournament 2011: What’s Your Sign?

An Ultimate tournament not to be missed by players everywhere is the Zodiac Tournament. It is held in Rochester, NY (GRADA) and Toronto, Canada (Toronto Ultimate) on alternating years. I had wanted to attend last year but the trip to Canada was too much for me, so I waited until the tournament returned to Rochester in 2011 and I can most certainly say that it was worth the wait. Unlike other tournaments, each team is built around one of the twelve Zodiac signs. Your sign determines your team as long as there is space. To compensate for the tournament’s growing popularity, two additional teams were created: Sun and Moon. I managed to grab a spot on my sign, Gemini.

Photographing with the sun behind your subject, especially on a sunny day, isn’t the best idea. I say this because what you end up with in your photograph is a stark contrast between your subject and your background. Your subject isn’t lit by the strongest light source in the area and therefore the colors will be dark and the features will be blurry/”noisy”. On top of that, your background is washed out, and your sky will more than likely come out as white rather than its true blue hue (I love unintentional rhymes). I’m going to blame my inability to make this distinction on the field on my lack of sleep. It took 8.5 hours to drive from Long Island to Rochester the night/morning before the tournament. If you can afford it, fly to tournaments. Your body will thank you.

Although it has little to do with photography, I needed to share how to remove temporary tattoos. Why? Because after this tournament I had four of them (two inches by four inches) on my arms and a wedding to attend the following weekend. There were a few websites that claimed olive oil was the answer, so I put it to the test. I applied the olive oil to a piece of paper towel and also to my arm and started rubbing. At first, it didn’t look like anything was happening, but that soon changed. I had one of the tattoos removed in under five minutes with little to no redness left behind. If you’re still sporting your Zodiac temp tattoo and don’t know what to do, I suggest you break out the oil.

For more on all things Ultimate and details about Zodiac 2011, check out HighReleaseHandler’s Blog!

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6 thoughts on “Zodiac Tournament 2011: What’s Your Sign?

    1. Thanks for the tip 🙂 So after removing three out of four tattoos (I can’t seem to part with the Gemini one), I have two slightly obvious places on my biceps where spirally and squiggly tan lines exist. Really should have thought that one through and worn the sun screen!

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