Apples of My Eye

I really wanted to start this post with some kind of joke about apples and Newton and gravity and Autumn (a.k.a. Fall, enter symbol crash here), but couldn’t come up with anything. Instead, I found this:
Q: How do you make an apple turnover?
A: Push it down a hill!
Ok, I laughed out loud, and yes, you can tell all your friends that joke and many other jokes found at Now, on to the good stuff!

Last weekend, I was able to partake in my favorite autumn activities — apple and pumpkin picking! My friends and I decided to try a place out east called The Milk Pail. Growing up, my mom had always taken us to Lewin Farm or north of New York City for our yearly ritual, so it was nice to scope out some place new. At the Milk Pail, the apple trees themselves were placed in long rows that gave the orchard the feel of a trip to a vineyard rather than an apple picking excursion. Also, it wasn’t a place that charged you by the pound, but by the bag. Their bag, specifically. This year’s 20 lb. bag was $32, and there wasn’t any haggling for less. My advice is to bring a bunch of Ultimate Frisbee friends and split the price and the loot. Then make lots of apple-based foods! If you haven’t managed to find a place to get your apple fix, check out Long Island Press’s suggestions.

The other plus about having a bunch of Ultimate Frisbee friends come with you to an event such as apple picking is being able to photograph subjects that aren’t random strangers! They were all great sports, and now have photos they can add to their photo albums/Facebook page. Enjoy! 🙂


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