A Flare for Wedding Photography

It finally happened! I got PAID to photograph a wedding!!! I was the second shooter for my good friend, Matt Turri, at a wedding this past weekend in Brooklyn, NY. I had asked him a few months ago if I could tag along as a sort of apprentice so I could build a firmer understanding of how a day goes for a wedding photographer and so I could see a pro in action.

Like I said, the wedding took place in Brooklyn, NY. What I didn’t say was that the ceremony was held in a chapel. The chapel was in a cemetery. Yes, I thought that was an odd choice until I learned a little bit more about the chapel and the cemetery it sits in. Green-Wood Cemetery, founded in 1838, actually rivals Niagara Falls for title of “country’s greatest tourist attraction”. With 478 sprawling acres of natural beauties, it was no wonder the cemetery quickly “became the fashionable place to be buried”. These days the site is visited for those gorgeous views and the history the graveyard holds. The chapel, I was informed by one of the grooms, was actually built by the same people who built Grand Central Station, Warren and Wetmore. Check out the Green-Wood website for more information on its history and how to take a tour of the grounds.

As the second shooter, I had a lot more flexibility to photograph artistically, rather than typically, what I saw during the ceremony and reception. Matt would pose the couple, or group, the way that he wanted to for the photograph he saw. I used the opportunity to walk from one side to the other, photographing the same shot at different angles. I rarely found anyone looking in my direction, which meant I obtained more candid-looking photographs.

Matt Turri actually took the time to teach me how to photograph sun flare! This was great, as I had always wondered what it takes to turn a regular sun into a brilliant star. “It’s your f-stop,” Matt told me as we photographed the chapel before the wedding began. “You need your f-stop to be at f20 or f22 for a really good flare.” I have to say I am proud of the way the sun bursts in some of the photographs, but confess a lot of the extra color and circles of light are from the dust my camera has been accumulating. I’m guessing that’s my cue to learn how to properly clean my camera, and then blog about it 😉

Thanks again to Matt Turri for making me his second shooter, and to Lawrence and Robert for allowing me to blog about their special day! Enjoy! 🙂

p.s. Each “Matt Turri” is actually a different link to something about him on the web. Please feel free to click and peruse them all!


4 thoughts on “A Flare for Wedding Photography

  1. You didn’t let me know this was up!! Love it! Thanks so much for the kind words and all the awesome links to me and my etsy shop! You only made this wedding better… I had a blast.

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