Better Late than Never: Annie and Greg’s Wedding

Since I downloaded the free trial of Photoshop CS5.5 for Mia’s Christmas portraits, I’ve been editing the other pictures I’ve shot in RAW recently. This post is for Annie and Greg whose wedding took place back in September. They were the next set of photos to get the Photoshop treatment on my list.

One of the difficulties of shooting at this wedding, despite its absolutely picturesque location, was the lighting during the ceremony. It was heading into the late afternoon when the ceremony began. The sun was setting behind the house that was to house the reception afterwards. The ceremony took place in the front of the house, so half the wedding party was in direct sunlight while the other half was in shade. Not impossible to photograph, but I’m glad I switched right away from JPEG to RAW. That made it much easier to deal with the lighting scenario.

After the ceremony the wedding photographers took the happy couple down to the rocky shore for their wedding photos. I couldn’t resist, so I popped on my Sigma f/2.8 70-200mm lens and shot from a distance. Considering how far away I was and that the poses weren’t meant for me, I don’t think they came out half bad.

The cottage where the reception took place was beyond charming, but incredibly dark. The flash wasn’t enough for the first dance, and it was hard to get a decent view behind the rest of the bride and groom’s guests. I did my best, and once again RAW came in handy! I could lighten the photos and adjust the colors as much as necessary to bring the true scene to view. I could even dull down “noise”! 🙂

Otherwise the highlights included a fantastic view, hanging out with great friends, being carded by the wedding bar at the age of 26, and dancing! Enjoy the photos, and congrats again to Annie and Greg!


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