Cooking With Luscious

This winter has been pretty quiet for me photography wise, as some of you can tell. Yes, I did buy a new camera, but I haven’t had a chance to really test it out: there’s no snow and I’ve been plagued with colds all season long which means no Ultimate. So when my friend Luscious asked if I could be the photographer of his cook book, I leapt at the opportunity!

What kind of name is Luscious? Luscious is a 6’3″ purple-boa-wearing chicken-loving character from the comic book series Brimstone and the Borderhounds created by Hound Comics. In it, he and his brother Dawg make up Brimstone’s team of a border patrol for Hell, except instead of keeping anything out they keep souls in. When he’s not doing that, or even if he is doing that, Luscious is usually eating chicken. Who better to put together a cook book with recipes specifically for chicken? I couldn’t think of anyone either.

For the Big Fat Book of Luscious Chicken, a friend of Lush’s allowed us to turn her kitchen into a studio to make the tasty creations.While Lush and Mina Sanwald (illustrator and artist at Hound Comics) cooked up the chicken, I was free to roam the kitchen and photograph at will. I brought my slightly used Alien Bees B400 flash unit, stand, and umbrella to help light up the kitchen and capture crisp photos of the chef and his creations, which was an excellent idea. The only downside was the size of the kitchen versus the size of my flash set up.  The kitchen was much longer than it was wide, and the space between my subject and the flash wasn’t much at all. You’ll notice that Lush wears a pair of highly flamboyant and incredibly large purple shades. The light off the umbrella was caught in them on more than one occasion. Thanks to Photoshop and shooting in Camera RAW, I was able to soften the reflection a little bit.

Before the photoshoot, I made sure to do my homework by reading the two latest issues of Brimstone and the Borderhounds. I didn’t want my cook book shots to look like a typical cook book or have the feel of a Food Network cooking show. That’s not because I don’t like the Food Network, it’s one of my top ten guilty pleasures, but because the cook book is actually going to be in comic book format. So it’ll be comic book feel with actual photos of the cooking process. And since this is a cook book for fans of Luscious, Brimstone and the Borderhounds, and chicken, I made sure that none of the photographs were without Luscious flare.

Something that did need to be left out of the pictures were trademarks. Any trademarks (mostly on the cookware and food/spice products) needed to be removed, like blurring them out of the photo or removing the labels from jars. It sounds simple, but remember this wasn’t our kitchen, and if you’ll notice there’s a spice rack on the wall. I even found brand names on the microwave, stove, and washing machine! They were everywhere! Remember to keep your eyes peeled. Triple check, because it’s better than being sued.

Enjoy the post! And when the book is published, you’ll be sure to hear all about it. Thanks again to Luscious, Mina, Mary, and Hound Comics for letting me in on this project 🙂

UPDATE 7 April 2012!!! You can now PRE-ORDER The Big Fat Book of Luscious Chicken at Barnes and Noble website! Just click this link !! More to come on its release date!!!

UPDATE 7 May 2012!!! That link for pre-ordering doesn’t work anymore, silly Barnes and Noble! To order the book, click THIS link! That is all 🙂

UPDATE 14 March 2017!!! THAT link at B&N doesn’t work anymore. This book can be found on Amazon as practically a collector’s item. The link to its posting can be found here!

A quick word on the second picture in the first column: The photograph’s colors are out of whack because it’s a larger file size than the others, three times larger to be exact. It doesn’t seem to be agreeing with WordPress very well…


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