A North Shore Wedding

Back in June of 2012, I photographed a wedding at the Crescent Beach Club in Bayville, NY. This particular wedding was to have taken place ten months earlier, but thanks to Hurricane Irene it had to be postponed. It could not have been postponed to a more beautiful day! The skies were the perfect hue of blue, the weather wasn’t so warm that the groomsmen were sweating in every photograph, and the breeze was just enough to ruffle hair every so often.

For this wedding, I asked my good friend, Matthew Turri, to be my second shooter. I was a bit nervous about the day, and having him there to work with me allowed me to “be in two places at once” so I wouldn’t miss a moment. There were a lot more photos to be given to the couple from more than one angle and this ensured that almost everyone at the party was photographed.

The challenging bit for the day was the sun. The ceremony began at high noon outside, which meant anything in white was in WHITE. I’d counteract by decreasing my aperture (making the amount of light absorbed smaller) and increasing my shutter speed ever so slightly. With the sun almost directly overhead, the lighting on a subject’s face tended to be shaded in certain ways. I brought along my external flash to help light them up so their smiles were just as bright as they seemed off-camera. As the walkway area was dotted with umbrellas to relieve the guests of the sun’s light, they also had a tendency to mix light and dark spots. The external flash helped a lot with this, as did post-production editing.

The moral of the story: bring the external flash, no matter how much sunlight is in the forecast!



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