There’s a Monster in My Closet!

…and all over my apartment! This particular project started out as a goal to remove as much excess yarn from my stock pile as possible and has turned into something much bigger (including a bigger pile of yarn!).

I have always wanted to open a store on Etsy. For those of you unfamiliar with Etsy, the way I describe it is Etsy is an online craft fair. You’ll find everything from clothing to jewelry to furniture and so on, whether it’s hand-made or vintage. I considered opening a store strictly for my photography, but had a hard time choosing which ones to place in my shop. As having an Etsy store isn’t free ($0.20 per listed item per month), I wanted to have more to offer than just the photos I take. That’s where my giant pile of yarn comes in. I figured posting more than one type of product would get me twice as much traffic as just the one, so I began to crochet. When I had enough dolls, all of which were monsters, I began the process of opening my Etsy store, which is fairly easy to do.

Etsy’s “List an Item” website recommends giving your item a story to explain why it’s special. This made me sit for a minute and think about what it was I could do with each of these dolls. Sure, I could just photograph them in my light box and be done with it, but there are five photos you can upload for each item. Why stop at one photograph? Why not tell the story through something eye-catching that each monster could be doing? That’s when I got creative and gave each of my monster’s a photo shoot doing something that they are characterized as doing around my apartment.

I used as much natural lighting as possible so that the actual colors of the yarns were represented appropriately. This meant waiting for a day when I was home before sunset, and in the dead of winter that seemed pretty much impossible. Then something magical happened: CHRISTMAS BREAK. I used three different days to photograph my dolls doing all sorts of fun things around my place with the blinds pulled far away from the windows.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did taking them! More will definitely follow! Until then, be sure to check out my Etsy page!


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