Harlem Shake, Monster Style!

My brother and I got together tonight to create a video with all of the Monster Dolls I have been selling on my Etsy page! We based it on a current YouTube sensation which involves taking Baauer’s Harlem Shake and adding your own spin. One of my personal favorites so far has been this one. It’s not photography in the typical sense, but seeing as it’s stop-motion animation, I would categorize it more as a photography project than a video project.

Stop-motion animation is by no means easy! It took us about two hours to get all the shots we needed for this 30 second video, and even then, we looped the video in places! According to my brother, a smooth video is 32 frames per second. Cartoons are normally shot at this rate because the naked eye cannot see the transition between the frames. We did 15. We took about 163 shots for the first half of the video and over 50 for the second half, which means we looped the first half of the video almost twice and the second half of the video about four times! We had to make sure the dolls were always moving in the proper direction and at the right speed. Too much and the video would have been choppy. Too little and they don’t look like they’re moving at all.

The app we used to create the video is called iMotion HD. You can use it on your iPhone 4, 4s, or 5 and your iPad 2, 3, or mini. All of these devices have cameras both on the front and back. The app has a setting called “onion skin” which allowed us to see the last shot as a shadow over the current shot. This feature helped us to make sure we weren’t over-adjusting any of the dolls. The “grid” option made it easier for us to visualize our space.

The only drawback to the program is it’s a major drain on the battery! We started at 40% on the iPhone 4s and went all the way down to 10% before we were even finished with the first half of the single monster’s shimmy.

After editing the video, we posted it on! You can watch it here or there. Enjoy! 🙂


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