aVoceBehindTheLens has a WEBSITE!

It’s official. I have a website! It’s not just my WordPress blog, it’s more than my Flickr Portfolio, and it’s not a Facebook business page. It is unabashedly www.avocebehindthelens.com. Nothing more, nothing less. I thought I’d re-kick-start my blog for 2015 with a little behind the scenes commentary and anecdotes to welcome my website into the world.

Over a year ago, Dominic De Rubis and I sat down and discussed my need for a website and his ability to help me get started. I had an idea of what I wanted – a website to showcase my work and allow people to contact me – but Dom had a vision which is what we see today. We ended up using SquareSpace as the platform from which to launch my website because it is incredibly easy for me to maintain. That’s right, now that my website is set up, I can maintain it on my own and leave Dom alone to pursue his other interests. He won’t tell me what they are, but I assume they are fascinating.

The main page currently has four photos it cycles through. Those four photos are the headliner photograph in the four Projects categories: Portraits, Weddings, Events, and Sports. You can view any of these four “Projects” categories by hovering over the word “Projects” at the top of my website and then clicking on the one you’d like to view.

Testimonials” is the second option across the top of my website, and one of the pages I’m most proud of. I didn’t want to have the typical testimonials page where you had some words attached to a name of a client praising me in some way or another. I wanted them to be visually stimulating. I wanted the photo that made my client go, “WOW,” make you go, “WOW.” I spoke with both Dom and Lee John Cutrone, the genius behind my logo, about my concept and they both thought it was great. I spent the next few days photographing a picture frame here, there, and all over my apartment. Later, I inserted the photograph in full, vivid quality and added the testimonial from actual clients on the side. I’m hoping it’s more eye-catching and makes people curious to read them rather than skipping them entirely.

Back when I photographed head shots for the Capelli Beauty Group, they told me they wanted to include me on their website as well. That meant having my hair and make up done. For anyone who knows me, this isn’t something that made me jump for joy so much as feel like the heroine Mulan in the Disney animated film (see video at the bottom of the page if you’re not familiar). It’s no one’s fault, it’s just never been my thing. After being doted on for about an hour and a half by the very talented duo of Dani Castro and Dani Finocchiaro, we went into the living room. I set up my light, my tri-pod, and my camera. I aimed it at the couch, set the time delay, clicked the shutter, and sat myself down. FLASH! Photo taken. Both Danis were flabbergasted (but not surprised, having worked with me before), realizing they practically missed my photo shoot. I took a few more photos to have something to compare it to, but the first one was my favorite and that’s the one you’ll find on my “About” page.

Feel like sending me a message? Need a photographer for your next event, or photos of you or your family? If you’re within the New York/Long Island area, head over to the “Contact” page to send me an email with a few details about yourself and what you need.

Thank you for joining me on my walk through of my new website!


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